About us

Threads of Yoga is run by Adam and Tina, the partners of AlbanyWeb.  We created the site as we both have a passion for yoga, and felt that there was a lack of a good independent community site in the UK.

Currently Threads of Yoga doesn't have any formal legal status of its own.  However if it takes off, we'd like to make a charity / not-for-profit / social enterprise.  In the meantime, please take our word for it that this isn't a money making scheme — so far, we've spend quite a bit of our time without any clear source of income.  If in the future the site does generate money, we may take a modest income to cover a portion of our time plus hosting costs.  The remainder would go towards promoting yoga.

Of course Threads of Yoga is also a chance for us to showcase our website design skills.  If you like our site, and are considering having your own site, please check us out at AlbanyWeb.  We have a reasonably priced standard package, and special discounts for yoga teachers.